2023 v2.1 Release Notes


  • Introduced an option for app.config to use a license key path rather than a key itself. [Id: 252567]
  • Changed database connections to use the sql_command_timeout config parameter. [Id: 253677]
  • Updated the Enersight integration to disallow volume-preserving op events greater than 100%. [Id: 254768]
  • Enabled mapping of Enersight producing time to volume-preserving op events. [Id: 254767]
  • Updated the Enersight integration to not import shrink and yields from Enersight when op events are mapped. [Id: 254770]

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed an issue where user-configured column widths on wellhead tab when not retained when toggling Before and After Op Event volumes. [Id: 254284]
  • Fixed an issue where the wellhead tab did not update properly when in Monthly mode. [Id: 254540]
  • Fixed an issue where wells using volume-preserving op events would not calculate economics. [Id: 254614]
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would be created when an invalid segment was created while using volume-preserving op events. [Id: 254603]
  • Introduced better error handling when volume preserving op events greater than 100% are entered. [Id: 253372]
  • Fixed an issue where liquids incorrectly calculated volumes before op events were applied. [Id: 256505]
  • Fixed issues where volume-preserving op events did not match on-time in some situations. [Id: 256503]
  • Fixed an issue where the XML Export dialog incorrectly hid the Op Event well data option. [Id: 255308]