Reserves 5.17 Release Notes

Quorum Reserves Version 5.17.0 Introduction

Quorum Reserves 5.17.0 is now available. Notable changes and improvements in this release include:

  • PlanningSpace Economics Integration Enhancement - multi Result Set selection
  • Approval Improvements
  • Authentication and Security Improvements
  • Installer improvements
  • Bug fixes and Veracode fixes

Build Numbers

Reserves Build: PL5170_20240402_5.17.0.163486

CCM Build: CCM_20240318_1.0.0.163083

Centralized Configuration Manager (CCM) Farm Upgrades

There is a CCM farm upgrade available to support the new features in petroLook 5.17.0. If manually updating the CCM application, run the UpdateCCM.exe to upgrade your CCM farm.

Database Upgrades

There are 3 migrations to the database necessary to support the new features in petroLook 5.17.0. From the Reserves Installer Database tab, click the Update Schema button. In the Reserves Schema Manager window, select the first migration to be applied and click the Migrate button. Repeat until all migrations are applied.

Migration LabelDescription
InitialCreateCreates the ReservesMigrationHistory table to track db migrations
AddAgentDatabaseLogging Creates two AppLog* tables for logging Agent errors to the database
AddResultSetIdForPsStaging Adds a ResultSetId column to the PLS_PS_RESERVES_OBJECT table
Tip: The Reserves Schema Manager can also create a blank Reserves database. Simply enter a new database name under the Initial Catalog and click the Update Schema button. The Bootstrapper utility from the ConfigurationManager app must be subsequently applied under a Windows Authentication Source.

PS Economics Integration Multi Result Set Selection

The PlanningSpace Economics Integration has been expanded with support for the selection of multiple Economic Results Sets at one time. Configurable through the loader option control, the loader will now function with either a single result set, or multiple result sets.

Note: The single result set mode allows for individual selection of Projects whereas the multiple result set mode operates at an all Projects level.

Loader Option Control Setting

A checkbox has been added to the option control:

Click image to expand or minimize. 

Staging Table Changes

The staging table used for Attributes requires two additional columns:

RESULTSET_ID (int, nullable)

RESULTSET_NAME (varchar, nullable)

Example Loader C# Code

The Code snippet below is an example of the change needed for the multiple result set mode.

Approval Improvements

Improvements have been added to the Approval feature, including additional logging and messaging as well as a new option to lock the Recon Editor screens on submission to an Approval instance. Several bug fixes have also been made and are shown in the Fixes section.

Option to Lock on Submission

By default, the Recon Editor screens are locked (read only) when an object’s Approval status is In Progress (submitted to an Approval and at least one Approval action has been taken). Now an option has been added through a Configuration setting to have the Recon Editor screens lock when an object has only been submitted to an Approval.

Navigate to Configuration > Settings > Reconciliation Context:


Authentication and Security Improvements

Two main features for Authentication and Security have been made.

Okta Group Sync

The Okta Group Sync is a feature added primarily in support of our Hosted solution and reduces the Administration of managing groups between the Okta instance and the Reserves Security model.

Security Permissions Overwrite

Improvements to performance have been made to the Security Permissions overwrite feature first released in version 5.16.0. As noted in the 5.16.0 release notes, this feature carries significant risk and can lead to database corruption and backups are recommended. The feature is enable protected by a configuration setting.

Navigate to Configuration > Settings > Global Settings:


Installer Improvements

The Installer has had two main additions: a new tab for Email settings, and an Update option.

Update Option

Once an application instance has been installed through the Reserves Installer, it is possible to run Updates through the newly added option:

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Email Settings Tab

A new tab has been added for the optional configuration of the Email notifications. Like the other Installer settings, these are written to the CCM farm and can be adjusted post-install if needed.

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Issues Resolved 5.17.0

Issue IDDescription
258325Approval Submissions: Users cannot submit data for approvals – logging, messaging, and tracing improvements
175335Error Message Improvement - Approval Data Submission > No users in Approval Roles
247614Multi-Level Conflict with Thresholds – UI change

Extend ApprovalStatusSource to include Thresholds

258330 Approval Definition - Scrub Threshold definitions for slanted double quotes
262288If the last action in the approval is a retraction, user can't finalize the approval
179911Reconciliation-Groups: Move Down icon doesn't work
260324Okta Authentication ignoring the CCM setting for "Allow User Creation"
259792 Azure Auth - Reconciliation Editors using incorrect token
252778About Page > gracefully handle license check