Project Roll Forward

Rolling the Project Start Year forward has historically been a cumbersome process involving manually adjusting many inputs. In Enersight 2.16, we have taken the first step in improving this process. In Project Options, you will now find a Roll Forward button next to the Project Start Year.

The Roll Forward button opens a simple wizard where you will enter the new project start year. When the process begins, Enersight will convert any activities that are now in the past to Static activities. To do so, Enersight performs a quick calculation to determine the activities that need adjustments. Time series data (e.g., capex, opex inputs) will not be shifted, so wells will behave the same after rolling the project start year forward. This includes time series user data.

Capital from periods that are now historical will be changed to be ‘Pool only’ to be added to appropriate depreciation pools. Note that adjustments may need to be made to account for prior depreciation.

Note that only projects with 1 scenario can be rolled forward at this time. The model should still be checked after rolling forward, as there may be dates that need manual adjustments to reflect the new start year (e.g., date-based functions, user data tables with dates, manually entered start dates on the well list, etc.).